Dear diary,

Step 1: get up. Don’t hit the snooze so many times that there’s not enough time to make lunch and eat breakfast. Food is important; you know how you get when you’re hungry. Hangry.

Step 2: don’t miss the bus.

Step 3: listen to your students. Remember what they tell you. They’re an individual. This is their life. Real life.

Step 4: learn something in class. at least pretend to look like you’re paying attention.

Step 5: don’t go home–go to the gym.

Step 6: remember your friends? Yeah, find them.

Step 7: eat, sleep, clean if you can.

Step 8: tomorrow will be different, but if you’re lucky, exactly the same.


Warm day, Big Coat

“Hide in a place you know that no one ever goes
keep in a sack in which it always stays closed
I need a knack for keeping out of trouble
you know how it can go

i don’t know what I’m like but everybody says
you’re not the kind that gets out of your head
i keep talking all these crazy clumsy words
and i know that I’ve been heard”

The moments

The moments that make up the dull days.

It’s April. I wore my rain boots today. “April showers bring May flowers” and all that shiz. Took off my boots tonight. Sand in my toes.

Sand from Ireland. Days at the beach. And I’ve been thinking recently how much I miss Guinness and the smell of salt and cow manure and the green, sweaty, surprisingly sunny time that was Ireland. And then off go my boots and there is the sand. 9 months later. Time may pass but some things don’t leave. Don’t fade. I hope that’s my life. I know it’s inevitable, impossible, but I want that to be my life. I want the moments to always be there, within reach.