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Parenting in America: Choose your parents wisely 

This article is terrible. 

“However, [maybe don’t start a sentence with a conjunction?] there are two worries about modern parenting. One concerns “helicopter parents” (largely at the top of the social scale), who hover over their children’s lives, worrying themselves sick, depriving their offspring of independence and doing far more for them than is actually beneficial. This gets a lot of attention, probably because media folk belong to the helicoptering classes…The other worry concerns parents at the bottom, who struggle to prepare their children for a world in which the unskilled are marginalised. This is far more important.” [gee, thanks for that]

So this organization’s solution is to go in and teach parents informally how to parent, which I get it, is very important. Very, very important. Access to resources is important…how about that? How about revamping our educational systems in general? We need better access to knowledge. Better sex ed, so 19 year olds aren’t getting pregnant and trying to be parents. More money for our teachers and our schools to provide knowledge to children. A different time table for our primary school system so that parents aren’t struggling to find daycare after 3pm or between May-September. How about creating jobs for the unskilled? How about a change in our blue collar workforce? How about a change in the expense of a college degree? How about acknowledgment that a college degree ISN’T FOR EVERYONE and that there are other ways to learn and become successful in the world? How about an expansion of the types of jobs and careers we imagine for individuals? How about the things we expect our children to go in and learn while they’re at school? Fuck division with remainders and cursive writing. How about real math and language lessons from an early age. How about lessons in the economy and real world history and geography and nutrition and how stuff works?

How about those support systems? 

I rant. In a perfect world, am I right?

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