chatty Kathy

You ever notice how some people just talk? Just chatter away. I assume it’s like a loneliness thing or a self-consciousness thing. Or some people just don’t like silence. I love silence. I’m very comfortable with silence. Let’s be silent together.

“You’re stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing you take with you?”
“Silence.” -Parks & Rec

I think if you’re going to interrupt the silence it should be worth it. Say something worthwhile; otherwise, people stop listening to you. All the time. Because they assume that whatever is coming out of your mouth is trivial. Because you’re always talking. Your words will carry that much more emphasis if you make room for the silence.

Shit the people I love say. Quotes without context. I’ve been collecting this for almost a year. See how your words can count?

  • D: “I want it all the time. Every day.”
    • SM: “I’m awkward.” D: “No, you’re insane.”
    • “I gotta be right up in something to smell it. It’s a blessing and a curse.”
    • “You can play with them while you’re supposed to be working.”
    • “They took away her mop cause she was being such a c—-.”
    • “So, then when you walk in people are like, ‘hey, did you just get blown?’ And you’re like, ‘yeah.'”
  • T: “Did you see her face? That like ruined my life a little bit.”
  • S: “We probably would have exploded with happiness.”
  • T: “This gets rough at the bottom.”
    • “It makes it burn.”
    • me: “Oh, did you jump to conclusions?” T: “Oh, did you overanalyze something?”
  • T: “I needed a tourniquet. You didn’t even have a napkin”
    M: “You know what they call that: Karma.”
  • M: “I wanted a high-five, but she wouldn’t give me one.”
    • “Count out them singles, T.”
    • “That one baby was trying to climb the fence.”
    • “Why is your nip hard, man? I cut my finger. I’m bleeding.”
  • T: “I have very eclectic taste in music. I’m playing a playlist called Juke.”
    • “Ehh, delete that kid.”
    • “Is that how you spell Tourette’s? This is the first time I’ve seen you look dumb.”
    • “It’s just in the moment of the song.”
  • Not sure: “It feels good on my skin.”
  • DE: “This is why we go to college, so we don’t end up as housewives with dumb fucking hobbies.”
    • “These white people give me anxiety.” Me: “That should be the title of your memoir.”
  • MN: “Change your mind? Regret? I do that too…like when I was painting that pig purple, I was like, fuck, I should have painted it blue.”
    • “You could choke and die…alone…you know, so what do you do?…Throw yourself over the back of the chair. You gotta learn how to do that it’s super important.”
  • R: “is thanksgiving always on the 28th?
    N: no, it’s always on the last Thursday of the month.
    R: who decides when it is?
    C: God.”
  • N: “I always sat on this side of him and then later after I loved him, I realized he had a big huge tooth missing.”
  • R: “Taiwan=paradise of food”
    • “I’m from Taiwan, I can do anything.”
  • L: “This weather makes me want to vomit.”
  • MS: “Almost 30 and not even pregnant. That would be a better show!”

LogRolling_Scheer'sLumberjackShowOh, logrolling happened in my office today: “Did you know I have a little Canadian blood in me?” I can’t make this shit up. And then, I was asked the obligatory: “Are you looking to date anyone? The assistant hockey coach is kinda cute. Seemed interested.” [No, actually, he’s kinda not.]

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