I’m exhausted. I woke up this morning and felt like I had been hit by a bus. So the expression goes. I hope to never actually experience that in my life. I had zero desire to crawl out of my bed and into clothes. I enjoyed the drive to work because it was time I did not have to think. I worked an 11 hour day yesterday, which to my new professional self was a shock. It’s funny how quickly I’ve adapted to this 8 hour work day from my grad school lifestyle. How did I do that? I guess we just do it.

I planned a study abroad fair with some study abroad students and international exchange students. Our turnout wasn’t record breaking, but it was great. I loved it. I love working with the students and hearing them chatter nonstop about their semester abroad. I love the crazy stories they have about getting puked on during their plane ride or going to the wrong apartment or their first nude drawing class or getting yelled at by Germans or just feeling lost and small and terrified in the world. It doesn’t make any sense, really, that they love their semester abroad as much as they claim because they basically spent the entire time feeling stupid and confused and different. But they do. At one time there were 7 of us shoved into an elevator, boxes and bags in hand, unable to move or fully see one another over our bundles and I just thought, “this is great.” I love working with college students. I love that they work hard and play hard and just overall aren’t sure who they are. It’s worth it to be tired today. To feel a little slow and a little brainfried and sluggish. My job’s not perfect. There are stupid politics and there is drama and there are things that happen that I’m unsure of, but my students are great people and I enjoy what they bring to my work life. It’s a different kind of like though, than I’ve really experienced. I appreciate them as people, as individuals, but not in a let’s be friends way, not in a let’s hang out way. Not in a let me mentor you way. It’s just, hey you’re one of the good ones and thank you for that. It makes me feel good. It restores my faith in humanity and the world, if there are young adults floating around who think and act this way. It motivates me to work 11 hour days, work 7 days a week, to keep challenging myself and to do the best for them that I can. To give back to them. I feel a lot.


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