sometimes thought catalog does alright: 20 Signs you’re doing better than….

Sounds strange, but I would also add “you get angry” to the list. You have emotions, more than one, which you can express. Anger is part of my person. Part of my character. I like the angry side of me. I like that I have the ability to think critically of the world, to have a reaction to it that is complex, dynamic, full. I like that my anger prompts me to seek solutions, suggest changes, make a step out of a thought. But I like that my anger is balanced with my sense of apathy. When the anger gets to be too much, or when anger has no place in the problem. I like that. I just feel like bitterness has a place. Maybe it’s not fair to add the caveat, “if it’s about the right things.” But it is. Feel what you want for the things that feel right. I don’t ever want to be dull. My bitterness makes me sharp. I like my rough edges. I like being…unknown and somewhat tumultuous. There’s more to life than anger, but I think anger serves you well at times. I don’t bear anyone any ill will, and I think that’s important to clarify. Anger directed at an idea or a cause is important. Anger directed at another person is oftentimes misplaced…dangerous…toxic. Sometimes I just want to see someone emote though. Give me a reaction; show me your cajones. And I get frustrated when I take the time to show someone an emotion–give them a reaction– and they don’t reciprocate, or they don’t acknowledge. Like, c’mon, man, let’s be human together. It’s a delicate recipe, human emotion. Too much of one and it’s overpowering. Not enough and it’s unsatisfying, doesn’t build up. Show me that living matters to you. That you value your time and your space in the world. Just nothing petty. That’s not what I’m getting at. The pettiness is small stuff. Human stuff we’ve made up to fill the gaps with the free time our advancements have created. “show me something different; show me something real.” Food for thought. Not only to learn how to express what we feel, since you can’t remove emotion from the cognitive process, from learning and analyzing, but also to learn how to engage with one another’s feelings. How to volley the emotions back and forth.


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