America’s Greatest Achievement: The Reason I Love My Country

A terrific piece written on identity abroad by my friend, Pouneh

Longing to Travel

Most who know me well have endured my many lectures about how (insert any European country’s name here) is ‘doing it right’ or how my country, The United States, could ‘learn a thing or two’ from (insert another European–most likely Scandinavian–country’s namehere). What I seldom say, but should shout from the rooftops, is that there is one thing that happens in the US that I’ve never seen happen anywhere else in the world. Something so incredible, yet nearlyunattainableby othercountriesin the world. Yes. Even byother western countries.
* * * *

So what do we, the USA, have that every other country should actually try to mimic (as opposed to our terrible food habits, consumerism and other obnoxious things I try to escape from by living abroad but sadly encounter everywhere I go)?

It’s the ability to be you–both in ethnicity and nationality.

For someone like me whose…

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