Do you like cake 

A year ago I was the new kid on the block. Today was a rare repeat in my world. It’s been several years since I worked somewhere longer than a year. I’m not used to continuity or the cycle of it all. I forgot what that felt like. 

So today, I had a repeat of a day last summer when I was new and didn’t know names and had to rely on the kindness of strangers and the non-awkwardness of myself. 

But today I knew names and was called by name and hugged and sought out. Today people complimented my shirt and asked me about my day and did me favors. Today I felt the passing of time and realized how much I’ve learned. How aware I’ve grown. A year ago I was a stranger. Today I am home. In a few months I’ll be gone. Remember what it was like to make a home. Remember when you no longer felt like the obvious stranger. 


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