sweet n sour 

I’ve never spent so much time not thinking. I breathe evenly to keep my lungs happy.

I thought I saw you before, but this time was different. It almost hurt. Hurt my eyes. Something about the brightness of the colors…like you were overexposed. I looked away, I wanted to feel that flinch again, I looked back. A shape I’ve seen before but could not name.

“But I, I told my friend to give up on her dreams She hated me but I

I knew the dreams were for the best of us, not for the rest of us And I, I didn’t wanna share with anyone

I need a way to sing the greatest dance and make them laugh

I could win the wars or lose the battles, too Whichever’s true

I am living other people’s lives

I can’t stop putting on other peoples’ clothes

I love until I leave …

I will run until I know what to believe

I am a marathon runner” -Yellow Ostrich

I remember when it was just a game to us, and I realized we’ve begun to play again. Roll the die. Pass go. You didn’t stop. I stretch my legs for the distance.

I thought of all the times I’ve waited for you. Is this time any different? My dad’s words repeat in my head, and I swallow my pride instead of my joy. I bounce on the balls of my feet.

What’s another day after you’ve celebrated the end of days?

Everything matters. I sprint. My palms are open to the air.


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