It’s cause you know I’m so good at it.
It’s cause you know I’m so damn good at it.

I have an influence on my students. I think of the students I keep in contact with and how they grow and the things they tell me about. Someone said this weekend about the power of thank you. First, that someone felt moved enough to say it, and second, that an effort was made to elicit it.

So many times, I’ve heard it and I’m tired of brushing it off. Thank you; brush-brush; next.

What if I reveled in every thank you. Recorded every one. Framed them and hung them and dated them.

Thank you.

I had a moment of panic, realizing how much my life will change in the next few years. I could feel myself on the brink and there was that moment when I knew I could step back instead of fall forward. It was so tempting. What are you doing, Alaina? Stop. Don’t you remember how hard this was before?

Yes. And I jump.



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