On lighting and angles

Sometimes I forget the things I know. You ever do that? Look at this incredible shit that I know.

Sometimes I feel like I have a life out there waiting for me. It’s something I know, with certainty, and something this trip has reinforced. There is a life out there that I’m going to live. Choices I’ve yet to make; a person I’ve yet to become. But then I also have to remind myself that it’s not way out there…I don’t need to run and catch up. It’s right here, within me, beside me, taking up all this space. I have so much to do, but I don’t really need to do anything to get there because I’m already here. I’m already going. I’ve been on my way this entire time. I dunno, it seems like we forget that. I do at least.

And always have a back-up plan. It doesn’t hurt, anyway. Shit happens. Have two or five.

And don’t forget to look behind you. Always glance back behind your shoulder; have a look around; you never know what you may be missing. What’s just out of sight. You may be missing an incredible view. You’ve passed it and you think you’ve seen it, but then the angle has changed. And it’s completely different. -Me, August 2013


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