Find the means to the end…but there is no end, only esquinas. Only corners.

How are you feeling today? What wears on your brain today? “The brain is an organ of emotion….All thought is emotional. We can’t get rid of emotion.”

When I walk I discover joy. I discover thoughts and processes I otherwise do not find the time to consider. I discover deep, cradling silence. I discover parts of myself that are older than the sense I usually muster.

“Emotional links generate motivation….We favor the reasoned choice because it feels right, because it is based on good emotions. It achieves something that we trust. And it is the trust that we value–that we feel the best about… The brain rewards itself with joy.” -J.Zull

You know why I like abandoned cities and strange wooded areas with Indian burial mounds and cliffs that pop up without explanation? Because I feel something when they’re around.

“Life doesn’t desert any place forever.”

It’s always there, isn’t it? The world is awash in life. And oftentimes I delude myself into thinking that I want to desert life. I want to desert the world of life. Of course I am then faced with the fact that this isn’t possible, because everywhere has been touched with life. Everywhere hospitable, at least. And when I’m given a hug or done a favor or provided a laugh, I remember, that some life is good. Some life is giving. Some life is worthwhile. It is the type of life I want to desert, not all of life. I cannot generalize it in that way. It is not fair. And when I walk I am reminded that I am searching for life. I am looking for it. I look for the spaces that have been deserted only to see what remains. If I push you so far until you desert yourself, then what will remain?


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