Pines or Oaks

“My sky, my life, my eyes. Let me look at you. Before you open those eyes of yours. The days to come, the days gone by. Before we go back to what we’ll always be.” -Sandra Cisneros

I’m walking, and my neck is sore from looking down, down, down. I always wonder, do I look up or do I look down. Of course down gets boring, the views are up, up, but the up gets overwhelming at times. My eyes roam all over trying to soak in every possible beautiful detail. They get strained and in repose I look down, down, down.

The cycle starts over again.

It’s how I feel when I’m with you. Like there is just too much to see and if I don’t stop looking…my eyes will go blind in protest and my brain will fry.

“We drag these bodies around with us, these bodies that have nothing at all to do with you, with me, with who we really are, these bodies that give us pleasure and pain.” -Sandra Cisneros



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