Summa cum laude

Why the College Degree Seems to Be Deciding the Presidential Election

“And polls indicate that Mr. Trump may be the first Republican nominee in 60 years to lose among white, college-educated voters.”

“High-school graduates who were once able to sustain themselves in the middle class had nowhere to turn as the better-paying jobs went to more highly skilled college graduates, Mr. Carnevale said. And those laid-off workers form the group that Mr. Trump’s populist rhetoric appeals to the most.

For example, for many non-degree holders and working-class voters, Mrs. Clinton’s college-affordability plan doesn’t attract votes because it won’t change the numbers in their bank accounts, Mr. Carnevale said.”

This divide really bothers me.

I struggle with it, as I move and breathe and live on this college campus. As I talk shop with professors and administrators and cocurricular advisors and students pursuing and students attained.

I struggle to make the arguments I should be making for my purpose, my job, my projects. I struggle to engage when I should with the people who are talking through the windowpane of their PhD or their Master’s.

I was the first one in my family since Aunt June to graduate in 4 years, to pursue the postgraduate education. I go home and it chafes. My experience with theirs. My “success” and their resentment. Frustration. My patchy safety net. Their carefully laid foundation.

“You don’t do anything with these hands!”

No, that’s why I have 2 Master’s degrees.

They dream for you, but they end up imagining you right out of their reality.

What can we succeed on? What do we want to be about? What are the options we need to sustain?


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