Sorry, M baby

I actually have a lot of thoughts about this that aren’t anti-Melania:

This appeared in my Twitter feed with a line about “tradition in the garbage” and although I support the org that tweeted the article, I had to return to the caption after reading the article to confirm my suspicion that it was somewhat sexist in nature.

Reasons I have thoughts about this article:

  1. I am mildly obsessed with and perhaps overly-sensitive to misogyny. I called my housemate out on his sometimes sexist comments, attitudes. Told him that sometimes he does things and I have to consider: “Is this a tally for the you-might-be-sexist column?” I was a little drunk at the time, and had I been sober, I would have said so in a different manner. I didn’t mean all that I said, but I meant what I said. You have been conditioned to hate women. Pay attention.
  2. Misogyny is rampant. We can’t help it. We’re taught to hate women; we’re taught to hate ourselves. Case in point: 53% of white women voted for Pussy Grabber McFuckFace – lest we forget. It’s obviously not framed in you are worth less, hate yourself. It’s framed in this other way– acceptance of men and their preferences. Bending to the will of the patriarchy because the patriarchy poisons everything. That’s just the way men talk; Lady Gaga was boring; I don’t get along with other girls. How do you work in a system that is built against you? You internalize it. I honestly believe so many of the world’s problems are based in hatred of, disgust with, disrespect for women.

And so what if Melania doesn’t want to be the White House Wife? Like, do you think she does any of those things related to making the house a home for PGMFF on the regular? That’s not their lifestyle. They pay people. Also, she’s not even from this country. What could role of White House Wife signify to her? The “tradition” might be lost on her. The point might not mean anything to her. It could be ignorance, or it could be a statement. Regardless, I kind of admire her for it in a way. That nonconformity. That rejection. I’m not going to play nice and I’m not going to do this thing for you. I won’t bear the brunt of your poor decisions. My life isn’t your life. You can’t interrupt my life.

It will be interesting to see though, how the every-American-woman responds to this–those white women who saw themselves in the PGMFF couple. Who thought Melania, as a pretty slim white mother, had something to offer the country. Something they could relate to. Something HRC was lacking. I don’t know what it will take…I don’t know when the every-American-person will realize … It doesn’t matter. [It matters: Melania and PGMFF have nothing to offer you. They are nothing like you. They can’t relate to you. They don’t know you. They don’t think of you. Your revolution is nothing like theirs. They are Marie Antoinette in the castle. Who are you?]

Women have to draw the line somewhere. Women have to stand for something.

And what’s up with this White House Wife gig, anyway? Really? Really. I’m only surprised that I never dwelled on it before. It’s fucked up. It’s beyond gendered.


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